My Prayer

Dear God I am not perfect. I always fall short when it comes to your glory. I ask for strength , courage, stability , focus, perseverance,knowledge, wisdom, comprehension, and success. In my times of trouble, and struggle that you comfort me & remind everything is going to be alright. Help me to be the Man of God you desire me to be. You made me a leader, let me not to be afraid to lead. Help me to be rooted and grounded in you. Lord let your anointing fall on me. I want to be that strong Man of God that you want me to be. That man who isn’t afraid to chase & fulfill my dreams. I ask that you blessed my family ,friends and the people you support me with. Bless everyone on the face of this earth. I need you lord more than ever. Let me not stray from my path. Allow me to trust you in all your doings. Father God I need a car , and my own apartment . Bless me financially stable, not only stable but a surplus. I ask that you bless me and my Soulmate’s relationship with strength, patience, love, trust, and to be spiritual. I love you Lord thank you for listening and fulfilling my Prayer. 🙏 theravenpersuasion