Wearing these for the born day 2mm #winning 👌🙌😎🏆 #2Decades
I swear there is no better feeling than being with my Baby. She makes the Happiest Boyfriend Ever. Our Bond Unbreakable. So for the females that’s looking sorry but she’s irreplaceable . My Soulmate .My Queen , My Everything


its hard to believe me that the only time your at peace is when your sleep. All your problems are no longer exist. Then when you open your eyes your reality turns into a form of bliss

posted 1 year ago
Love Of My Life, the only who makes me feel right. always seem to be on my mind. Kind of Like design… we were designed to be together. you put one & one together. you get 2. Us never them, i look at us like smoothies. l we are the perfect blend. My love is unconditional. I rejoiced the day we became official. this Love i have for you is piercing & ready to explode like missile. Me without you is like a referee without a whistle. Although i may not be all that & more. i try give you the world because you truly deserve all that & more. @childishravino